I’m taking part in STARS ON CANVAS this year:

“a bi-annual charity auction of original artworks created by well known names from the worlds of art, illustration, sport, music and popular culture [and architecture]… all proceeds to national charity, Willow”

During the next 10 days, you can bid for my piece “cascade” HERE – go on!!

All money goes to the WILLOW FOUNDATION. Go go go go go go! BID! I won’t be doing another one like this..! Have it. It’s much better than any of the pieces by Robbie, Kylie, Annie Lennox & Mo Farah etc… Just saying…

If you are silly enough to miss the bid, you can see all the pieces exhibited at the Hub on Heddon Street, London, W1B from the 20/11 until 23/11

Some press bits here and here and the official website here – did I mention, you can buy the best one if you click HERE..?

#art #willowfoundation #starsoncanvas #charity #london #illustration #regentstreet #exhibition #architect #canvas #drawing

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