Architect, Artist, Composer, Musician, Researcher

Emma-Kate is undertaking a PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, under the supervision of Profs. Bob Sheil and Yeoryia Manolopoulou and Prof. Neil Heyde from the Royal Academy of Music. Emma-Kate’s spatialised compositions have been performed at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, London’s Southbank Centre and LSO St Luke's. Emma-Kate plays multiple instruments including the Clarinet, Drum Kit and Electric Bass. she has released a number of albums, most recently “East of the Active” on Algebra Records. Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts and the RIBA and has also been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals including Architectural Design (Wiley), Design Ecologies (Intellect books) and Organised Sound Journal (Cambridge Uni. Press). She has recently completed commissions for the Guildhall School of Music, Musicity and the Barbican Centre as part of the “Sound Unbound” festival. In December 2019 she organised and presented at the Sound (Of) Space Symposium, funded by the Australian Research Council. She is currently composing for the London Symphony Orchestra as part of the Panufnik Composers' scheme (performance due in March 2021).



*DUE 2022 “Sound Of Space” - Book publication as co-editor with Profs. Jane burry + Mark Burry LINK

Nov 2019 “Activating Audiences: How Spatial Music Can Help Us To Listen” – Cambridge Uni. Press, Organised Sound Journal LINK

Mar 2018 "Female Composers, International Women’s Day” – Interview with British Music Collection LINK

Jun 2018 “The Art of Window Design and Display: Feature on RSW Grace project” – Published by Sandu (Project: Grace)

Jan 2018 “Window Display – Grace” – published by KONSEPT PROJELER, Istanbul (Project: Grace) LINK

Sep 2018 - ongoing“Linguistic Geometry” – Collaboration with Dr.Alex Pillen (UCL anthropology) for forthcoming book (TBC)

Jun 2017 “British Music Collection – Emma-Kate Matthews on Architectural Influences” – LINK 

Jun 2017“Design Ecologies” – published by Intellect Books: (Project: The Spatialised Score) LINK 

Oct 2014 “Educating Architects” – Neil Spiller – Thames & Hudson Ltd: (Project: The Augmented Instrumentalist) LINK

Sep 2014 “London Design Festival 2014” – Dezeen: (Project: Grace) LINK

Jul 2012 “Royal Academy Awards: Celebrating 30 years” -The Architects’ Journal: (Project: The Augmented Instrumentalist) LINK 

Jul 2012 “Pews and Perches” Wallpaper* Magazine: (Project: The Whistling Stop) LINK

Jun 2012 “StripHouse” SuckerPUNCH Magazine: (Project: StripHouse) LINK

Mar 2012 “Higher Integration in Morphogenetic Design: AD” – Achim Menges – John Wiley & Sons: (Project: Augmented Instrumentalist) LINK

Jun 2010 + Jun 2011 “Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show” UCL: (Project: Various) LINK

Jun 2008 “Treptow Crematorium: Bursary Article” SCALA Journal: (Project: Travel Bursary Building Analysis) (Pp 31-33) LINK 


Musical Releases

Nov 2020 “Far Flung EP” - EKM solo EP release: (composer, vocals, drums, bass, electronics, piano) - released on Algebra Records LINK

Oct 2020 “More Colors Remix” – EKM remix for Rob Shields: (composer, performer) - released on Algebra Records LINK

Aug 2020 "Twenty - Music for Piano" Solo piano track "Instead of Points" released as part of a compilation (composer) - LINK

Mar 2020 “Press, Pressing” – EKM solo EP release: (composer, performer, vocals, drums, bass, electronics, piano) LINK 

May 2019 “Construction 005” – solo track release: (composer, performer, clarinet, drums, bass, electronics, ) released by Musicity Global LINK

Aug 2018 “East of the Active” – EP release as DIAS: (experimental music collaboration) – released on Algebra Records LINK

Dec 2015 “Pt.1 (6:1) + 6:2” – EKM – solo album release: (composer, performer, vocals, drums, bass, electronics, piano) LINK


Selected Performances

*DUE Mar 2022 “Construction 007” @ London Symphony Orchestra Panufnik Scheme, (composer) LSO St Luke's/Barbican

Feb 15th 2020 “Construction 003 - V3” – @ Soundhub Showcase, by the London Symphony Orchestra at LSO St Luke's, London

Dec 19th 2019 “Modest Proposals” – @ JEMP experimental music festival (performing bass for Ben McDonnell), Swiss Church, London 

May 19th 2019 “Construction 005” – @ Sound Unbound Festival (composer) for Musicity Global, Barbican Centre, London

Mar 20th 2019 “Construction 004” – @ Getting it Right Conference (composer) for Guildhall School of Music, London

Jan 24th 2019 “Construction 003 - V2” – @ Gala Concert (composer) for London City Orchestra at Southbank Centre, London

Sep 22nd 2018 "Construction 003 - V1”– (performer) “New Music for New Audiences” conference at Leicester De Montfort Uni.

Aug 02nd 2018 “DIAS: East of the Active” – @ EP launch event (composer, musician) at DIY Space, London

Dec 16th 2017 “Construction 002” – @ Private concert (composer, researcher) with Aus Research Council, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Dec 07th 2017 “Construction 002” – @ Time Making Space Event (organiser, composer, exhibitor, respondent) Royal Academy of Arts

Sep 13th 2017 “Construction 001” – @ Site-specific performance (composer) for London Graduate Orchestra, Shoreditch Church

Jun 24th 2017 “Construction 000 - Dorsal Falls” – @ Edge to Edge Festival (organiser, composer, presenter) Shoreditch Church, London

Dec 16th  2016 “Rise” – @ Building opening (composer) for 5-piece student choral group, 22 Gordon Street, UCL, London

Jan 29th 2015 “Plexus Open Field” – @ Plexus Experimental (performer:electronics, composer) Hampstead Road, London

Jun 27th 2015 “Station to Station” – @ Boredoms Concert (performer:drums) Barbican Concert Hall, London



*POSTPONED - "The Way We Hear" at Foyles, Charing Cross Road (Project: Research Works in Progress)

Apr 2019 - "Research as Art / Art as Research" at UCL (Project: PhD)

Feb - Mar 2019 - "In Permanent Readiness for the Marvelous" at The Bartlett (Project: PhD)

Apr 2018 - "Research as Art / Art as Research" at UCL (Project: PhD)

7th Dec 2017 - "Time Making Space" at the Royal Academy of Arts London (Project: The Spatial Instrumentalist & Construction 002)

Dec 2017 - "Graphic Scores" at the British Music Collection (Project: Construction 001)

Jun – Sep 2017 - "Harley Open" at the Harley Gallery, Nottingham (Project: Dorsal Falls)

Jun 2017 - "Edge to Edge" at Shoreditch Church, London (Project: Dorsal Falls)

Jun – Aug 2016 - "The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition" at the RA, London (Project: Dorsal Falls – Sketch for a spatialised score)

Nov 2014 - "Stars on Canvas" for the Willow Foundation (Project: Grace)

Jun – Aug 2013 - "The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition" at the RA ,London (Project: The Big Egg hunt (with WEA))

Oct -Nov 2012 - "RIBA Open" at the RIBA, London (Project: The Split Studio)

Jun – Aug 2012 - "The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition" at the RA, London (Project: The Augmented Instrumentalist)

Mar 2012 - "The Big Egg Hunt" at Canary Wharf, London (Project: The Big egg hunt, with Wilkinson Eyre Architects)

Jun 2010 + Jun 2011 - "Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show" at UCL (Project: Various)

2008, 2009, 2012 - "Nottingham School of Architecture Show" at Uni. Nottingham (Project: Various)



Mar 2020 - Mar 2021 - Panufnik Composers’ Scheme: Awarded by the London Symphony Orchestra (Project: Construction 007 - Calling)

Sep 2019 - Sep 2022 - Doctoral Scholarship: Awarded by the London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP) / (AHRC) 

Sep 2018 - Sep 2019 - Doctoral Network Funding: Awarded by UCL for Sound|Making|Space (co-applicant with Ruth Bernatek)

Sep 2017 - Sep 2018 - Doctoral Network Funding: Awarded by UCL for Sound|Making|Space (co-applicant with Ruth Bernatek)

May 2017 - Sep 2017 - New Voices Portfolio Residency with the London Graduate Orchestra: Awarded by Sound and Music

Sep 2017 - Sep 2019 - Staff award for MPhil/PhD tuition fees: Awarded by the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Sep 2016 - Sep 2017 - Small projects grant for Cassini's Funeral. Event with Ella Frears: Awarded by the UK Arts Council

Jul 2016 - Jul 2017 - Architecture Research Fund for project Dorsal Falls: Awarded by the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Mar 2014 - RIBA: Regent Street Windows, Won (Project: Grace, for Karen Millen)

Jan 2013 - London Festival of Architecture/Groucho Club: Make a Stand Bike Rack, Won (Project: Ribbon Rack)

Mar 2012 - RIBA: Pews and Perches Bench Design and Fabrication, Won (Project: the Whistling stop)

Aug 2012 - ISE: Graduate Engineer’s Competition, Shortlisted - (Project: Castlemeads Bridge, with Buro Happold)

Jul 2011 - UCL: Dean’s list for ‘students achieving distinction in design and thesis’ (Project: The Augmented Instrumentalist)

Jul 2007 - SCALA (now SPACES): Student Travel Bursary (Project: Brixton Railside CPUL)

Jul 2006 - Uni. Nottingham: Portfolio Prize (Project: Various)



*DUE* 23rd/24th Apr 2021 - “Composing for Extreme Spaces” - (presenter) "World Wide Music Conference” - Prague WWMC

08th Sept 2020 - “Spatial Typologies” - (presenter) "Royal Music Association 56th Annual Conference” - Goldsmiths Uni.

28th Feb 2019 - “Spatial Typologies in Music Composition + Henry Brant" - (presenter) seminar series - Royal Academy of Music

25th Feb 2020 - "Spatiosonic Constructs" - (presenter) PhD upgrade presentation, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

11th Dec 2019 - “Composing for The Sagrada Familia” - (organiser and presenter) “Sound (Of) Space” symposium, UCL Here East

29th Nov 2019 - “Spatiosonic Constructs" - (presenter) seminar series, Royal Academy of Music

05th Oct 2019 - “Calibrating Spatial Typologies with Musical Ideas" - (presenter) “Spatiality and Music” conference, Uni. of Arts, Belgrade

15th Jul 2019 - “Spatial Simulation and Sonic Realities” - (respondent, organiser and presenter for interactive event) Max Fordham

19th May 2019 - “Sound Unbound”- (performance and presentation) Barbican Centre

20th Mar 2019 - “Implied Rhythms” - (performance) Getting it right? New music/new technologies conference at the Guildhall School of Music

18th Feb 2019 - “Spatiosonic Constructs” - (conference presentation) PhD conference at the Bartlett School of Architecture

19th May 2019 - “Similis” (performance / Q and A) for Musicity, Culture Mile London and the Barbican Centre

24th Jan 2019 - “Construction 003 - Regional/Axial” - (performer / presenter) Southbank Centre with London City Orchestra

22nd Sep 2018 - “Activating Audiences”- (presenter / performer) New Music to New Audiences conference PACE @ Leicester De Montfort Uni.

27th Mar 2018 - “Sound Space Pecha Kucha” - (organiser / presenter with SMS doc. network) Event at the Bartlett, UCL

15th Feb 2018 - “Keeping Time” - (organiser / respondent with SMS doc. network) Event at the Bartlett with Asaf Sirkis and Kemal Yusuf

07th Dec 2017 - “Construction 002 at Time Making Space” - (organiser / exhibitor / respondent) Event at the Royal Academy of Arts, London

24th Jun 2017 - "Edge to Edge" - (organiser, presenter, composer) Festival of music and movement, Shoreditch Church, London

14th Jun 2017 - "Generation to Fabrication" - (presenter) Rhino UGM conference, London, UK 

20th Apr 2016 - “Simulation to Fabrication” - (presenter) Presentation at Shape to Fabrication conference, Stratford

08th Dec 2015 - “Stop:Frame” – (presenter) 1st year lunchtime lecture at the Bartlett, UCL

26th Feb 2015 - “Plexus Open Field” - (performer / presenter) Open Field, Plexus. UCL

19th Feb 2015 - “Think, Draw, Make” - (presenter) Lecture on digital manufacturing and engineering-led design at uni. Canterbury

16th Sep 2014 - “Regent Street Windows” - (presenter) RIBA Pecha Kucha event at Apple Store Regent Street, London

07th Jun 2012 - “Whistling Stop” - (presenter) RIBA Pecha Kucha event on the Whistling Stop Project & EKM Works projects, London

17th Mar 2012 - “Sound/Space” - (presenter) Lecture to students of the MA Visual Culture (Interpreting space) Uni. Westminster, London


Current Employment

May 2020 - Present - The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL - [Senior Lecturer, MArch U25 unit tutor]
Sep 2019 - Present - Oxford Brookes University - [Associate Lecturer, Unit J Lead Tutor]
Sep 2016 - Present - Weber Industries (London) - [Architect, Senior Designer, Fabricator] 
Sep 2012 - Present
- EKM Works (London) - [Founder, Architect, Musician, Artist, Composer, Researcher] 


Past Employment

Sep 2015 - May 2020 - The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL - [Senior Teaching Fellow]

Sep 2013 - Aug 2016 - Geometrics Group at Price & Myers (London) - [Architect]

Sep 2014 - Aug 2015 - University of Greenwich - [Visiting Critic, Unit 7]

Nov 2014 - Aug 2015 - University of Kent - [Technical Tutor for Masters Architecture, Unit 4]

Sep 2008 - Sep 2013 - Wilkinson Eyre Architects (London) - [Architectural Assistant]

Dec 2011 - Feb 2012 - Sixteen*(Makers) (London) - [Freelance Production Assistant for “55/02”]

Sep 2010 - Oct 2010 - Unto This Last (London) - [Assembly & Finishing]

Jun 2007 - Sep 2007 - Marsh:Grochowski Architects (Nottingham) - [Architectural Assistant]

Jun 2006 - Sep 2006 - Groundworks Architects (Nottingham) - [Architectural Assistant]



Sep 2017 - Sep 2023 - MPhil/PhD Architecture: In progress: The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Feb 2013 - Oct 2013 - RIBA Part 3, Examination in Professional Practice: Merit: London Metropolitan University

Sep 2009 - Jun 2011 - RIBA Part 2, DipArch & MArch: Distinction: The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Aug 2005 - Jun 2008 - RIBA PArt 1, BArch: First Class (with Honours): The University of Nottingham

Aug 2004 - Jun 2005 - Art Foundation Degree: Distinction: Nottingham College



Oct 2017 - Present - London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub - (Associate Member)

Jun 2017 - Present - Sound|Making|Space Doctoral Network - (Coordinator, Researcher, Respondent, Presenter)

Jun 2017 - Sep 2017 - London Graduate Orchestra, portfolio residency with “Sound and Music” - (Composer in Residence)

Oct 2013 - Present - Chartered Architect at the Royal Institute of British Architects

Oct 2013 - Present - Architect with the Architects’ Registration Board



Key Research Projects

2020 - Construction 007: Calling

Commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra

Funded by the Panufnik Composers’ Scheme (Lady Panufnik and Lady Hamlyn Trust).

Due for performance in March 2021 at LSO St Luke’s / Barbican Centre. (in progress)

2020 - Construction 006: Fields

Supported by the LAHP studentship. (in progress)


2019 - Sound of Space Symposium

Funded by the Australian Research Council

Event held at UCL Here East - 11th + 12th December 2019


2019 - Construction 005: Similis

Commissioned and released by Musicity Global - At the “Sound Unbound Festival” at the Barbican Centre - May 19th 2019

2019 - Construction 004: Implied Rhythms

Performed at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama: March 2019


2018/19/20 - Construction 003: Axial/Regional

Commissioned by the London City Orchestra

Developed in collaboration with Max Fordham Engineers,

Performed at QEH, Southbank Centre with London City Orchestra, Jan 24th 2019

Performed at the Institute for Music Innovation and Technology De Montfort Uni. By EKM, Sep 22nd 2018

DUE for performance at LSO St Luke’s, by the London Symphony Orchestra, Feb 15th 2020

2017 - Construction 002: Tracing 

Funded by the Australian Research Council

Performed at the Sagrada Família - Dec 16th 2017 (supported by Profs. Jane Burry, Mark Burry, Dr. Jim Barbour, Swinburne Uni.) 

Performed at the Royal Academy of Arts - Dec 07th 2017 (supported by the Sound Making Space Network, UCL)


2017 - Construction 001: Opposing

Funded and commissioned by the Sound and Music Portfolio Residency

Performed at St Leonard’s Church, London, UK by the London Graduate Orchestra - Sep 13th 2017

Exhibited at the British Music Collection “Graphic Scores” - Dec 2017

Exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts “Time Making Space” event - Dec 07th 2017


2017  - Construction 000: Dorsal Falls

Funded by the Bartlett Architecture Research Fund

Performed at St Leonard’s Church, London, UK by Exploded Ensemble - Jun 24th 2017

Exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts: June – Aug 2016

Exhibited at Harley Gallery: June – Sept 2017



Media links

British Music Collection Profile

Musicity Profile

UCL Profile