On 21.11.13, the Ribbon Rack was installed on the wall of the Groucho Club in Soho, London, following almost a year and a half of design development, prototyping and planning. C4 journalist and news presenter Jon Snow cut the ribbon on the rack, and was the first to test it with his snazzy orange bike, before cycling off to the BBC studios to give a talk about cycling safety in central London. Watch it HERE. As I walked past the rack later that evening I saw 6 bikes in there, including a Brompton snuggling in at the end! Photo evidence HERE.

I must say a huge, huge thank you to all of those involved and particularly the following people who all worked super hard to make the project possible: Theodore Bird (project commissioner), Juliet Heap (planning consultancy), Stephen Newby & Will Baugh (fabrication), Neil Thomas at Atelier One (engineering) and  Tim Wilson and Elton Charles at the Groucho club. It is fantastic to see it on the wall and being used!!!

… And if you are curious to see how the design has evolved, check out the original design that I submitted as part of the London Festival of architecture right HERE.

More photos & progress shots will appear on the EKM Works website shortly.

(and thanks RP for the photos)..

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