I just stumbled upon this image on the BBC website, showing a floor plan type image of the protesters in Tahrir Square over the past 18 days. It’s interesting to note that at the heart of the gathering, protected from all sides, is the communication hub where “bloggers” could transmit live updates to the outside world and co-ordinate other protesters. Also the food stalls with a water point and toilets were neatly grouped together and in close proximity to the campsite area. And a prayer area is clearly defined in the photo, in front of the “main stage” which apparently became a bit of a “speakers corner” and had a screen for projecting speeches by the government and the army. And today, protesters have begun a mass cleanup operation to restore the square to a useable state. Removing burnt out vehicles, dismantling campsites and rebuilding the pavements. Who needs architects and town planners when you have a large group of determined people with a common (and very ambitious) goal?


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Thanks Dampé, for the sneaky feature on Rinse FM yesterday! great upbeat mix for seeing in the new year: Listen to the whole thing, here:

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