Whilst I was making the sounds in previous post – I was wondering “what kind of a place could I record this? Perhaps a grain silo?” and then remembered a project which was introduced to me by my tutors last year – The SILOPHONE. This sonic art project was set up inside an abandoned grain silo in Montreal a little while ago to enable ‘remote’ visitors to perform inside the silo via. the mediums of telephone and internet. The only receiver inside the space is a microphone, which records and transmits the sound back to the ‘remote performer’ – I just tried it myself and it didn’t seem to work, so I wonder if it is still in operation?!?! But I can imagine that this series of huge concrete drums would generate quite a lot of reverb:

“[the sounds] are transformed, reverberated, and coloured by the remarkable acoustics of the structure, yielding a stunningly beautiful echo…” [source]

Those of you who know me personally will know that I have been talking a lot about ‘reverb spaces’ recently, so remembering the Silophone project has given me some serious ideas! I managed to find some photos of it (pictured above) and some more HERE. And whilst writing this post I also discovered some of the recordings in the silo archive – one of which you can listen to HERE

#art #Silo #Echo #Reverb #Phone #Grain #sound #Silophone #acoustics

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