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Long time no post from me, things have been very busy, however:

… I recently had the opportunity to go through my 4th year work for the first time since packing it into a box under my bed about a year and a half ago! As I hadn’t seen these drawings and this project in a while, there were quite a few things that I had forgotten – but as I started to go through it, I thought “damn, this project is only half finished!” there are loads of new opportunities I started to see in this project that I never saw before (perhaps when I was too close to the problem) – so who knows, over Christmas I might re-visit this and develop it a bit further (along with my 5th year project which might still need some time to breathe!) – Just for fun and piece of mind. For now I just decided to share a few of the development drawings + sketches that I did way back when the project was in it’s early/mid stages. I want to open it up again from this point and see what else is possible… You can see bits of the final proposal on my CARGO website HERE but I almost want to forget that for a moment and go back to a much earlier stage so I can test out my new ideas… Aaaa, so many things to learn, play with and make over Christmas, I’m determined to make the most of this free time!

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