After EARLIER attempts at double sided milled panels, I tried a new technique which is seemingly less labour intensive, less wasteful and provides a better fit to each aperture of the waffle. These panels used the waffle structure as a formwork… I attached little plastic pockets (the outlines for which, were output from the 3D model) to the black clips which occur at each intersection of the waffle in an attempt to form the pockets into a shape which fits the geometry of the structure more accurately. So far it seems to have worked and with a semi-rigid plastic gives a nice edge condition (after a little cleanup). Next (aside from many other things) I will work on a simple mechanism to clip these panels to the steel and start making lots of them so I can test their acoustic performance! Lots to do…Lots to do…Lots to do…Lots to do…

#wobbly #flexible #casting #panels #formwork #plaster #thin

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This talk is a reduced version of a paper that I wrote, which presents a categorisation of interactions between space and sound, as a guide for creative practitioners and as a way of improving the way

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