At this month’s Plexus event [PLEXUS 17 – VIBRATIONS] I’ll be grafting & splicing parts of my latest album “2015” to generate immersive fields of harmonically-rich drones; punctured by sequences of erratic, percussive collisions. All accompanied by (previously unseen) projected animations of ‘impossible simulations’

“2015” is a monthly release of original tracks, created entirely from found-sound samples of engine murmurs, hydraulic breaks and resonating vessels. Follow/listen/buy HERE

I’ll be joining the stellar lineup of:

Yuri SuzukiOwen Lloyd –  Felix Faire  Sam ConranPaul Bavister Krieder & O’Leary

The event is free & open to all

26th Feb at The Bartlett, 140 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2BX – 6:30pm onwards…


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