Just a few snaps from the UNIT 23, 2011 Bartlett Summer EXHIBITION. This year we have gone for steel framed light boxes suspended on a CNC routed plywood frame with embedded steel components. the exhibition will run till the 9th July, so if you haven’t yet seen it then go go go!! There is some fantastic work on show (as always!) and the catalogue is also worth buying. I managed to exhibit three light boxes this year (2 of which are pictured) and a model (also pictured). The large WAFFLE didn’t make it this time, owing to a general lack of space and some ceiling mounting issues! But I intend to continue working on the steel monster anyway, as I never really achieved the effect that I was originally looking for… I’m also working on a little portfolio website which will summarise my work so far, so watch this space…

#lightbox #Bartlett #show #2011 #architecture #exhibition #amazing

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